Hello 2020!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! January and February are always a fun kickstart to New Year’s Resolutions and high hopes for the future. We here at Sound Extreme are no different. Our New Years Resolutions include working out more, eating better, and getting more sleep. Some things are timeless and sacred like our customer service. The care and dedication to our clients has always been of the utmost priority. 

NEWLY ENGAGED? It is for you we strive for excellence because we know you will only have this experience once. The memories you create will be perfect because we will help you plan your wedding down to the very last beautiful detail. Lets get you started and set you up for an appointment in person or over the phone, Skype, or FaceTime. You matter to us. Check out our Wedding Wire reviews here: Wedding Wire Reviews

SONORA WEDDING FAIRE: Mark your calendars for March 1, 2020 (12:00-4:00p) at Motherlode Fairgrounds in Sonora, CA. You don’t want to miss an opportunity to see the fashion show and over 40 vendors, door prizes and much more. Admission is free. For more information visit: Sonora Wedding Faire

ROARING 20’s: With this new decade came a fun new trend of Roaring 20’s parties. If you need help with your up and coming Great Gatsy Party, we’ve got you covered. Our selection of music is never ending, and our style is eloquent. We have everything you need to go big including…

  • Photobooths
  • Drapes
  • Chandeliers
  • Up-lighting
  • Tree décor
  • Video walls
  • Trussing
  • And so much more

Written by: Kimberly Brodie

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